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Coversafe Antimicrobial surface laminate

COALA COVERSAFE™ is a revolutionary new product, available from Print Solutions Peterborough. It is the only antimicrobial surface laminate that is tested to protect against SARS-COV2, responsible for COVID 19. I

Print Solutions are proud to be able to be amongst one of the first companies in the UK to offer Coversafe Antimicrobial surface laminate film.

What is coversafe Antimicrobial surface laminate?

Coversafe is a safety film ideal for use in most public and working environments. It’s a clear, self-adhesive laminate film with outstanding antimicrobial properties which can be easily applied to many types of surfaces* such as bar room counters, tables, chairs as well as a whole host of different public space hardware items.

At a time when public safety has never been more important. Coversafe acts as a safety barrier. Unlike standard surfaces, which need constant cleaning and disinfecting. Coversafe treated surfaces ensure public and working areas are clear and free of any potential risk of bacterial transfer.

Where can I use it?

Coversafe protects surfaces and is ideal for cafe tables

It is ideal if you’re looking to protect surfaces from any potential risk of bacterial transfer.

Anti bacterial transfer film ideal for public surfaces providing protection from SARS-COV2 responsible for COVID1 9
Coversafe can be applied to glazed areas as well as any hard smooth surface.
Touchpads, lift buttons, door entry handles and banisters are just a few examples of where Coversafe can be used.

Ideal for use in Hospitals, Surgeries, Schools, Cafes and Pubs as well as offices and general working areas. Coversafe works effectively in virtually any environment.

Why is this product not more widely available?

This is a revolutionary new product. Print Solutions are one of the first companies in the country to be able to offer this innovative product. Coversafe Antimicrobial surface laminate sits nicely alongside other safety products such as Antimicrobial papers.

Can Coversafe be printed?

Coversafe is a barrier film, therefore it’s surface is specially treated making direct printing difficult. But, because it’s transparent, Coversafe can be placed on top of a printed message so the answer to the question is – not directly, but it can cover pre-printed messaging. ** Contact us for more details

How is it applied?

Print Solutions can supply and professionally apply Coversafe for you on site. Alternatively you can choose to apply it yourself.

NOTE: * Ideally suited to smooth surfaces; **Practical limitations may apply – not all Coversafe protected areas can be accompanied with print.



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