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New Year – New YOU!

It’s a Brand New Year –
So why not energize your business and recharge YOUR BRAND!

With the festivities of Christmas and the welcoming in of, not only a new year but a new decade just over, it is the perfect time to start with a ‘New YOU’ approach. The YOU I refer to is not necessary yourself – instead think about your business as a refreshed You and take this opportunity to think differently about your business approach.

The easy option is to keep things exactly as they were at the end of last year; after-all if you had a good calendar year then why bother? – and yes, indeed, you could – you should! But it needn’t be necessarily so.

Most businesses come back after New Year festivities to a stale office environment, the highs of parties and social engagements gone and the awakening to a new year of ‘same ole same old’ approach is enough to put most into a negative state of mind.

“If you believe you run a forward thinking, innovative and fresh business then what better way to tell others then by displaying through fresh branding!”

As a business owner why not channel that negativity into positive drive for your business! A good start would be to call your staff members in for a group chat. Get them involved – Discuss their thoughts over how the business is seen to the clients they serve and here you are likely to see the biggest change to a #New YOU! With many in business happy to keep their heads down by doing the same old thing, year in year out. Take some fresh ideas from those who work in your business and develop your brand as a team? Your staff will feel more involved, appreciate your efforts and your competitors will look at you differently while they lie washed up and stranded in your market place. It can be something as simple as a refreshed signature to your emails or as grand a new sign for the front of the building! A plain unloved van could be sign-written or a design overhaul for your teams business cards and stationery. Whatever you gain from your New Year meeting. The message should be clear. If you believe you run a forward thinking, innovative and fresh business then what better way to prove it then to tell others by displaying it through some fresh branding ideas!

There are lots of ways you can approach it but in essence, get a list together of ‘quick fixes’ that you can introduce internally, that will get your brand out there working for you straight away and keep the costs down. Business cards, Direct Marketing brochures, eshots and competitions etc can make a massive difference and will not necessarily cost much to achieve. Discuss what trade shows or conferences you are planning this year – perhaps a move away from the usual pop up banners that everyone uses, be different! A branded tablecloth or two, with a dynamic backdrop can make a big statement! There are some fantastically affordable new ways to display your services at exhibitions and public events. With illuminated fabric displays trending heavily this coming season can you afford to be left behind?

Crisp, neat and vibrant – illuminated fabric displays are affordable and proving very popular

This sort of approach will help channel your thinking and get you ahead of the curve so there will be no last minute rushing around. The key to be noticed is to be bold, be different and you will see a positive return. For inspiration you can find some examples of our exhibition products here.

Print Solutions are an award winning print and media company, who develop brand awareness by delivering a fresh approach. We get to know our clients in a way that no other print and media company do. To find out more as to how we can help you develop more from your business, why not contact us and join the many who already benefit. After-all, what is there to lose but business – and that approach will not see you through to the next decade! We can help with design too so tell us your goal and we will help you aim straight with print media messaging that works.

If you are looking for more inspiration, have a look at our website and if, just out of curiosity, you want to know how much a business card overhaul will cost you then have look at our business card options here.V

So to summarize:

  • Discuss your business needs – think about how your brand can be seen outside of e-media!
  • Look at updating your brand with ‘Quick Fixes’ such as business card overhaul and new signage ideas etc.
  • Be bold with your thinking – you’ll be surprised with what us creatives can deliver to you with the bravest of ideas!
  • Take a medium and long term view on your ideas, this will stand you in good stead for future events. Some time spent now can save you money long term, for example a large exhibition display for that big event which can be modular and part set up for smaller venues.
  • Plan ahead by talking to people like us to achieve your needs. We can show you ways in taking your ideas and making them work at different levels.
  • Invest now while you have time to give before things are left too late and avoid that last minute rush which will not only cost you more money but ultimately will only serve to make you look average against your competition.

For more ideas – Keep an eye out on our social media platforms via Twitter and instagram. Why not post up using #newyou tag with your examples of refreshing new ideas and we can get sharing!

We hope this proves helpful and wish you a very happy and prosperous


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