Garment Services

Our garment services include embroidery, vinyl heat press, sublimation printing and ‘direct to garment’ inkjet printing. From individually personalised items of clothing or accessories that make unique gifts, to bulk orders on fully branded clothing for large organisations; we can provide a bespoke solution that suits you, or your business. Uniforms for schools, work wear for businesses, safety clothing, event wear, sports wear, and a huge range of high quality promotional merchandise – all branded for you, by us, at Print Solutions.


Our embroidery service can provide you with a professional look that’s long-lasting; we use only the finest quality materials that wash well and resist fade. Almost every fabric can be embroidered with our hi-tech equipment. We can produce up to 15 separate colour threads per embroidery design and generate up to 1,100 stitches per minute.

We embroider creative designs, company branding, individual names and more into a range of popular clothing items such as polo’s, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and everyday items such as towels, bathrobes, handkerchiefs, hats and scarfs.

In addition, we also embroider more unusual items from teddy bears to horse numnahs – there’s not much we can’t take on!

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Vinyl Heat Press

This garment printing method is great for plain text and shapes in single standard colours and ideal for small to medium quantities of cotton or polyester fabrics. We contour cut your digital design from a range of coloured vinyl’s and apply it to your chosen garment using heat and pressure.

Our vinyls extend through a vast colour range including metallic, UV glow and glitter finishes. Vinyl heat press is the quickest way of adding a unique stamp onto your garments; just right for customers looking for a speedy, high quality solution. Popular items such as hoodies, t-shirts, hi-vis vests, umbrellas, breathable clothing such as sports kits, and many more are all available to personalise with our steadfast and efficient vinyl heat press.

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Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing (DTG) is the process of printing straight onto the fabric itself. It allows us to offer our customers high quality, full-colour, seamless printing of detailed graphics and photos onto a wide range of cotton-based garments.

This versatile process allows you to print onto both light and dark coloured garments, so we recommend it as the best option for customers wanting to rule out any colour limitations. DGT is great for decorative fashion clothing, promotional or fundraising t-shirts and hoodies, fun garments for events such as stag and hen do’s and much more.

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In this process, we print onto a specially coated sheet of paper and then transfer dye based images to the garment using heat and pressure, which diffuses the inks into the fabric. Sublimation print works best for polyester and some poly-cotton garments and is suitable for small to medium orders.

It’s a process that allows us to print from seam-to-seam, meaning our customers can cover larger surface areas of their garments for maximum impact! We recommend it for unique photo gifts and a wide range of marketing giveaway goods, for garments such as goodie bags, table-cloths, t-shirts and much more.

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Graphic design

We believe good design is just as important as the finished printed outcome – that’s why we offer a high quality in-house design service. If you’re looking for a creative outcome that meets all your needs and want to feel comfortable in the knowledge that the preparation to print has been properly carried out, then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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