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Antimicrobial Paper

Antimicrobial qualities to never tear paper makes for the perfect printed document in a sanitised environment.

With the new “ANTIMICROBIAL” Xerox Never Tear paper you will be able go back to sharing menus without the fear of spreading germs such as E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Apparently menus can have more bacteria on their surface than a toilet seat!*

Nevertear Antimicrobial Paper: “A smart, safe material

Who would have ever thought that the innocent process of passing a menu around a table would have to be reconsidered. Even in a Post- Covid world, scrutiny over transmission of bacteria in public spaces will need to be re-observed. Xerox have introduced this amazing new Antimicrobial Paper, ideal for menus but obviously also perfect for documentation in #hospitals #doctors #surgeries and other public environments


•Coated white matt polyester film suitable for laser printing

•Range of thicknesses, 95-120-145-195-270-350 microns.

•Waterproof, tear proof, greaseproof, alcohol resistant

•Durability without lamination or encapsulation

•Easily guillotined & punched

•Suitable for harsh & outdoor conditions, frequently handled documents

•Maintains flatness, no curling.

•Scratch resistant print

•Recyclable as category 7 plastic

Example of applications:

•Menus / maps

•Manuals / Instruction books / Outdoor guides

•Signage, Tags, tickets etc

Antimicrobial Function for Extra Protection

Xerox Premium NeverTear was designed to be easily cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol and solvent based cleaning agents. 

It is now incorporated an inherent Antimicrobial agent offering antimicrobial protection against unwanted microbe growth, complimenting existing cleaning protocols.

Nevertear is ideal for:

• Printed materials and signage in hospital and healthcare           environments

• Menus in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and takeaways

• Any printed information product that is handled frequently, so product brochures, reference charts, procedure manuals and such like are ideal for this paper.

For printed products like these you can be assured that this revolutionary antimicrobial technology is a or if you can see it’s benefits for your direct requirements then Contact us for a chat.

Video and quote * above are courtesy of: Linda Baker, Business Development Manager – UK – Australia & New Zealand at Kernow Coatings



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